A letter to Innocence

Dear innocense,
It’s been a long time since we last mingled
And I miss you
I apologise for not being around much
But in this hostile world you could no longer thrive as such
The world you knew the people you trusted
All have gone awry crooked and become rusted
The smiles u carved on the pristine mind
Have become pretentious corrupt and of an indifferent kind
The soul no longer craves pure righteous bonds
Hearts are filled with misery sorrow and woe
My dear innocense your scarcity has made this world hollow and fake
Your glimpse is now seen only in a newborn smiling face
You are found in the eyes of my pet
In my sister’s hug
In my mother’s care
In my friend’s fight
But the hope of meeting you still lingers on
It brightens my day to see you exist in humble forms.


Alone or lonely

So I have been unsuccessfully trying to get into a “healthy” diet and fitness regime for quite sometime now. I will not say that I have been trying so hard to achieve my goals because the actual truth is that I haven’t been trying at all.
Earlier today I was talking to a friend and she asked me about my “fitness thing” and I made same old excuses of not finding time and all. But then I thought what was the actual reason that I just wouldn’t even try !! So I told her the truth…motivation..I am not getting any motivation and she blurted out laughing over the phone. I didn’t feel bad b’coz I know each and everything that one needs to follow for this fitness frenzy and she knew that. Ultimately she said that to find motivation the only thing left to do for me is to get married and then I will find my motivation. After a long tedious discussion with her I actually started to wonder if she was right. Could it be true that finding someone or getting married is the right way to find motivation? Am I so lost that in order to find myself I first have to find someone else ? Do I need to be rescued in some way ?
Why is it that being alone is often mistaken for being lonely. I belive that it is totally OK to chose to be alone. Anyways after all this I think I may have just gotten back my motivation even if it just to reassure myself that I alone am responsible for finding my own motivation.