The Human Caste

I recently changed my place of work, I am not a nervous person by nature but being in a new unknown environment does make one anxious. I don’t usually like to make small talk with people or try to dig into their lives but that is me and this fact does not stop others from doing the same with me.

So there I was sitting awkwardly, surrounded by a bunch of new faces, trying to sip my chai and pretending to listen their end of conversation nodding my head once in a while just to show that I’m also a part of this discussion.
“So who are you ?” One of my senior abruptly asked staring me in the eyes.

“Umm…mam I just joined 3 days back, I am a junior r….”

“Ohho I know who you are !” She cut me off. ” I want to know what are you ?”

Confused of what my response should be, I was pretty sure that she was not talking about my gender. Trying to figure out the correct reply to her complicated simple question I gave out an uneasy smile “mam I. ..”

“I was asking about your caste, what caste do you belong to ?” She finally cleared the air.

Sitting there among a group of people who are well respected and highly educated members of our society I was stunned by what she had just said. Quickly coming back to my senses I gave her what she was looking for. She made a bit more inquiry and went back to her discussion with others.

But since then I have been wondering…is this what we really are ?? How are the people who have a few more degrees than others who have none different from each other ??
Getting a higher education does not make you wiser person, I already knew that. But when you are an influencer of the masses shouldn’t there be a different level of mindset ??
Why are people still interested in other’s religion or caste ? Is that going to change your behaviour towards each other ?
Why can’t we accept the fact that we all belong to the same human caste ? Wouldn’t that make things easier that what we make of it today ?

But then again being in a highly public interactive profession this was the first time such a kind of instance happened with me. So I belive that there is hope. The human caste still lives on…