The Unquenchable Thirst

The night ended,
and the day began
Today again,
I started searching for the reason,
The reason to cry
The reason to try
The reason to fall apart
And the reason to again give it a new start,
The reason to search the one you lost,
The reason for being nostalgic when you know those moments have crossed,
The reason to fall in love when you have already broken someone’s heart,
The reason for faith in a mother’s eyes,
The reason to wait for that special prize,
The reason for spring
The reason for fall
The reason for expecting that one opportunity call,
The reason for being adamant when you can loose it all,
The reason why tears fall amidst of a smile,
The reason to live
The reason to die
The reason to search for the answers,
The reason to solve problems left untried…


Author: writeurheart

Hello people, i am not a writer or an experienced blogger I am a doctor by profession and having said that i have a lot of different experiences everyday both professionally and personally. sometimes you have that feeling to share something with others just to get it out of your mind or seek opinion or share something new. so with optimism I am starting this blog to write my heart out about anything and everything i wish to. thoughts,questions and comments are welcome !!

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