Loner in the end

In life there are many times when we are really forced to think …” why is it this way ? ” or “why me ?”, but we get no satisfactory answers for this. all we can do is sit and wonder how and why this game was played with us, how did we get tricked into the belief that we are actually not alone, there are people to be with us, support us, understand us…
Ahh !! but alas, in the end we are badly broken and led down by those whom we believe to be our own. we are greatly wounded and scarred mentally and emotionally and too with no help , no hope , no more courage.
we want to hide ourselves and believe that all is just going to be fine if we don’t face the world and it seems easier to run away from all the trouble and turmoil even though we are not cowards..its just that we are tired…tired of crying, tired of pretending that everything is all right, tired of understand problems, tired of being sorry every time, tired of begging, tired of compromising and just very very tired of being guilty…..
but we still carry on because we love them with all our heart and soul and it is more important for us to see them happy rather than seeing them depressed…

we take all the dysphoric feelings from them…filled with remorse and sometimes hurt…
So among all this chaos…we are alone…with no where to go…


Author: writeurheart

Hello people, i am not a writer or an experienced blogger I am a doctor by profession and having said that i have a lot of different experiences everyday both professionally and personally. sometimes you have that feeling to share something with others just to get it out of your mind or seek opinion or share something new. so with optimism I am starting this blog to write my heart out about anything and everything i wish to. thoughts,questions and comments are welcome !!

2 thoughts on “Loner in the end”

  1. Hi udita..
    Me too feel d same..! but i tink once u re hurt u shud nvr keep expectations frms them..! its btter not to hav such fake friends.. and then at least u kno.. dat u r alone.. u hav to face evrything by urself


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